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Our mission is to combat the declining bee population, while taking a holistic approach to urban and rural apiculture.

We aim to do this through education. Our customers can expect to fully understand the bees impact after our visit.

We also promote sustainable and socially responsible farming by using the most environmentally friendly and effective techniques. Learn more about our work process by contacting us.

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Ottawa Bee City

ApiFarms has been focusing on bringing the beekeeping experience to you. Unfortunately with current regulations in place most locations are not allowed to host bee hives because of bylaws. That is why we are advocating for urban beekeeping and have been proactively installing hives in the Ottawa city and other neighboring cities like Metcalfe and Russell. We are doing so to educate the population of the positive effects of beekeeping in hopes to have over 100 bee hives in the Ottawa Area.

ApiFarms will succeed to develop urban apiculture by accomplishing the following.

  • sharing knowledge that will support the social acceptance of urban beekeeping.

  • promoting, managing and utilizing empty urban spaces that can be used to bring biodiversity to your area.

  • broadcasting and sharing our knowledge on sustainable beekeeping methods with the general public. 

  • using apiculture as a base of education to showcase the importance of the ecosystem and agriculture.

  • creating and maintaining mutual benefits for all beekeepers and members of the general public.   ​​

ApiFarms has joined a petition to have Ottawa added to the list of bee cities in Canada. We invite the general public to add their names to this petition. For more information please feel free to contact us and or visit the petition web site by clicking on the link below. 

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